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Dr Svetlana Zvereva is the author of over a hundred scholarly publications on Russian music and culture. She has worked all her life at the Music Department of the State Institute of Art Studies in Moscow, which is the leading Russian centre for comprehensive research in the field of art, both Russian and foreign.

For the first 6 years, she studied under the guidance of Professor Yuriy V. Keldysh as his postgraduate student, and then became his assistant in the research group writing the 10-volume series History of Russian Music. She worked with him until his death in 1995. In the early 1990s, with Professor Keldysh's support, Svetlana founded the 10-volume series Russian Sacred Music in Documents and Materials, which is now nearing completion.

She is also a specialist in the biography and musical legacy of the Russian composer A. D. Kastalsky. Her Russian monograph Alexander Kastalsky: Ideas, Works and Fate was published in Moscow in 1998, and its second edition was translated into English by Dr Stuart Campbell and published in 2003 as Alexander Kastalsky: His Life and Music.


Since 2002 she has been working on the history of the Russian diaspora. She edited a symposium entitled Russia Abroad: Music and Russian Orthodoxy , which was published in Moscow in 2013.

She is currently writing the chapters on Russian medieval music for the latest multi-volume History of Russian Art, and completing work on the books Russian Orthodox Church Singing in the 20th Century. The Soviet Period: 1940s-1980s (9th volume of the RSMDM) and The Russian Diaspora. History and Sources (10th volume of the RSMDM).


Most recent published works

  • Русская духовная музыка в документах материалах, том VIII / А. В. Никольский и хоровое движение в России в начале XX века /Книга 2:  Хоровые съезды, общества, курсы.  Науч. ред.: С. Г. Зверева, подг. текста, вступ. ст., коммент.: С. Г. Зверева, А. В. Лебедева-Емелина. М., “Языки славянской культуры”, 2022. – 1136 c. [Russian sacred music in documents and materials. Vol. 8: A.V. Nikolsky and the​ Choral Movements in Russia at the beginning of  XX  century / Book 2: Musical conferences, societies, and courses. Comp., ed.: S.G. Zvereva;  authors of the introductory articles and commentaries: S.G. Zvereva A.V. Lebedeva-Yemelina.  Moscow, ‘Languages of Slavonic culture’, 2022. – 1136 p.]

  • Valaam and the singing tradition of the Russian Church in Paris // Journal of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music. Joensuu, Finland, 2022.  Vol. 5 (1). P. 123–147. (ISSN 2342-1258) ((Jointly with G. Lapshynov). Link.

  • Music, Culture and the Church “Under the Germans”: soviet territories and the Second World War // The Routledge Handbook to Music under German Occupation. Ed. by D. Fanning and E. Levi. Abingdon, Oxford: Routledge.  2020. P. 17–190. Link.

A fuller list of selected publications - books, articles, symposia, and encyclopedia entries - can be found HERE.

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