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Doctor of Art Studies, State Institute for Art Studies, Moscow

Dr Zvereva completed her doctoral studies at the State Institute of Art Studies in Moscow, where she has worked since 1987. Under the supervision of Professor Yuri Keldysh, she defended her doctoral thesis on Russian choirs and composers from the late 15th to the mid-17th centuries in 1988.

M.A., Leningrad State Conservatoire

Dr Zvereva graduated from the Faculty of Theory and Composition of the Leningrad Conservatoire, receiving a diploma with distinction. Her dissertation was entitled 'Deciphering the Notation of Late Znamenny Chant' under the supervision of Dr Sergey Frolov. During her studies at the Conservatoire she specialised in musical palaeography and archaeography in the Department of Ancient Russian Literature of the Pushkin House (Leningrad) and took part in the Institute's folklore and archaeological expeditions.

Smolensk Music College

Dr Zvereva began her education by studying at the Piano and Theory Departments of the Smolensk Music College, where she qualified as a teacher of piano and music theory, as well as piano accompanist.

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