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Expeditions and travels to discover, study, copy and record folklore, archival and oral heritage

1977—1980: Folklore expeditions to Karelia (with a group of ethnographers from the Petrozavodsk Branch of the Leningrad Conservatoire to the Pomor’ye coast of the White Sea, to Smolensk Region (with a group of scholars from the Institute for Russian Literature (IRLI, Pushkinsky Dom) of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Leningrad); Archaeographical expeditions in Gomel’ and Smolensk regions to gather Old Believer Manuscripts (at the request of the Archive for Ancient MSS of Pushkinsky Dom) 

1988—1994: Bringing to light and researching the collections of holders of material about the history of Russian church music in Moscow and Leningrad during the Soviet period.  Recording interviews. 

2002—to date: Investigating archives in several countries of Europe and North America to search for and make digital copies of archival materials (manuscripts, rare editions, photographs) on the history of music in Russian Orthodox diasporas with the aim of preserving, studying and publishing them. Recording interviews.  Copying archival sound recordings.

2013—2020: Collecting archival materials and life history interviews of survivors from World War II on the territories of the former Soviet Union and occupied territories.

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