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Russkaya Cappella

The formation of Russkaya Cappella was proposed in August 2009 by a small group of experienced choral singers with a shared enthusiasm for the distinctive harmonies, resonances and rhythms of Russian choral music. The new choir became a reality when Stuart Campbell and Svetlana Zvereva agreed to serve as Joint Musical Directors.


Under their guidance and encouragement Russkaya Cappella grew to be a chamber choir of some 35 singers plus several regular guests —a mixed group, not only male and female but also in age (from students to retirees), background, singing experience and country of origin, with a substantial minority of Russians and Russian-speakers, plus individuals from Australia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Norway and France (to name a few) —a truly cosmopolitan group. Members who can’t speak Russian sang from transliterated text (basically phonetic versions), but the choir also received expert instruction on correct pronunciation from the Musical Director at the weekly rehearsals —so that even the linguistically challenged quickly became competent.

Until 2020, when Svetlana left, Russkaya Cappella lead an active life. The choir participated in festivals around Scotland and also gave concerts of its own in Glasgow —at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow Cathedral, St Andrew’s Metropolitan Cathedral, St Bride’s church, the University Concert Hall and the University Chapel, among others; in Edinburgh—at St Giles Cathedral, the National Museum of Scotland (in association with the Catherine the Great Exhibition) and St Cecilia’s Hall; and in Stirling at the Church of the Holy Rude, and many other venues.


The ability and enthusiasm of the choir were greatly encouraged during its first year through working with Alexey Rudnevsky, Professor of Choral Conducting of the Moscow Conservatoire. In its last few years, the choir also received the help and expertise of composer and Emeritus Professor of Music Graham Hair, as well as organist, composer and choir conductor John Gormley.

Education and patronage

Russkaya Cappella occasionally rans workshops, open to everyone, and was interested in musical collaborations.​ The choir also used to perform at events organised by the Russian communities in Glasgow and Edinburgh, such as at major Orthodox services at Christmas and Easter (or indeed in York or Leeds), at the annual reception for the Russian National Day arranged by the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh, and seasonal celebrations at the Glasgow Russian School. Occasionally the choir was joined by young singers from the Singing Studio attached to the Russian Orthodox School of Glasgow, directed by Svetlana Zvereva. This connection used to provide the choir with a stream of young recruits.

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Featuring both Alexander Kastalsky's Requiem for Fallen Brothers, arranged for string quintet by Graham Hair and conducted by Stuart Campbell, and Roger Sessions' Mass for Unison Chorus and Organ, conducted by Graham Hair.



Russkaya Capella

Scottish Voices



The McOpera Strings (String ensmble)

Kevin Bowyer (organist)

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A. Kastalsky “Agnus Dei”

If interested, please contact Svetlana using the form on the Contact page.

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