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Dr Svetlana Zvereva is a musicologist, culturologist, editor, lecturer, choral conductor and Russian language teacher. She is well known among international musicologists specialising in Russian music for her books and articles, publication of primary sources on the history of Russian music, lectures and podcasts, long-term participation in international conferences and symposia, and organisation of music festivals, conferences and exhibitions.
Over the years, she has participated in a number of Russian and international projects related to the editing, popularisation and performance of Russian music, as well as the strengthening of Russian cultural heritage.

Professional Experience

Senior Research Fellow, State Institute for Art Studies, Moscow

Her research interests include the history of Russian music of :

  • the late Middle Ages;

  • the late Imperial Russia; 

  • the USSR and Soviet territories under Nazi occupation; 

  • the Russian diasporas.

Part-time lecturer and language coach, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Since 2010 Svetlana has been teaching Russian in the vocal department of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She works individually with singers to help them sing in Russian and is involved in the preparation of Russian operas.

Lecturer, Liturgical Music School of ROCOR in Europe, Cologne
Since 2023 Svetlana has been giving lectures on Russian sacred music from the 10th to the 20th century for church choirmasters from various European countries.

Former Musical Director, Russkaya Cappella, Glasgow

In 2009, Svetlana founded the Russkaya Cappella choir in Glasgow with her late husband, Dr Stuart Campbell. After his death in 2018, she became the choir's director. In 2012, under Svetlana's leadership, a children's singing studio was established at the Glasgow Russian School. From time to time the studio choir took part in the concerts of Russkaya Cappella.

This is music by A.T. Gretchaninoff on the play by A.N. Ostrovski 'Snow Maiden'. First performance of it in the United Kingdom. This is a concert dedicated to the decennial of Russkaya Cappella, 22 June 2019.

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